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Greetings, new players to the game! We're excited to have you here!

As such, we've got a small meet and greet post set up here.

Feel free to comment and tell a little or a lot about yourself, your character, the super cool critter you’ve created for them, etc. Or comment to other people's threads about why you're excited to see them; it's all good.

This also doubles as an INITIAL PLOTTING POST, so if there’s anything your eager to get started or are hopeful for, just say so here!


Jan. 1st, 2017 01:40 pm
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Anima Echoed is a Fantasy Adventure game, with the focus centered on characters and their magic animal companions, and their quests and struggles to bring balance to the world they’ve found themselves in.

Characters wake in the city of Haven and find themselves drawn to a shard shaped much like an egg, and formed from a massive crystal that makes up the heart of the city. The powers held in this shard and the creature it hatches are the key to keeping Haven safe from what has ruined the outside world. But the characters are not confined to the city walls, and any number of adventures may call them beyond Haven. Characters may also find themselves allied with different “Callings” in the form of different groups, dedicated to healing the world in their own ways.

Whether it is through fighting monsters, restoring cities, uncovering secrets of the past, or helping out around Haven, and caring for a new animal companion, characters should find no shortage of things to do!


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